Conversion French RIB -> IBAN

Conversion French RIB -> IBAN

Bank ID

Branch ID

Account number

Control Key



N° de Compte

Clé Rib


Iban (paper presentation) 


For more info about Iban, look at and Document Tr201v229.pdf describe conversion between IBAN and European domestic account.
The Euro Banking Association Website contain technical information about payment infrastructures. Read by example SIA EBA STEP2 Functional Overview FINAL 1v4.pdf, which describe Step 2 (a Pan-European Automatic Clearing House, PE-ACH).
Belgian user can go to or to build Iban
French user can go to to build Iban
Spanish user can go to to build Iban


In french visit the Laurent Pele "Monetique" Page, with somes information, the paiements intra-européens page (or mirror) and the Les commissions de service page with banks fee informations.
I've made also a Basic package for checking somes TVA european number and IBAN.